Formule Peel – Montreal Grand Prix

The Montreal Grand Prix is the most important tourist event in Canada with a considerable economic impact of $ 90M. Broadcast in 150 countries with over 310 million viewers and a hotel occupancy rate of 95%, the Grand Prix indisputably puts Montreal in the international spotlight. As part of the Grand Prix, business owners of Peel Street come together to organize the most prestigious event in the heart of downtown Montreal : Formula Peel Event.

Thanks to its renowned restaurants, posh clubs and high-end clothing boutiques, Peel Street allows for a distinguished event where luxury cars, fashion, music and gastronomy meet in a boisterous atmosphere. Over 400,000 visitors reunite on the closed off street during four days in June for the Formula Peel event!


Chez Alexandre  | 1454 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 288-5105

Soubois | 1106 boul. de Maisonneuve, Montréal  | 514 651-8711

Ferreira Café | 1446 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 848-0988

Vasco de Gama | 1472 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 286-2688

Houston Avenue Bar & Grill | 2042 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 886-9463

Pizzeria No 900 | 2049 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 303-0334

Universel | 2055 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 840-7136

Carlos & Pepe’s Taqueria | 1420 rue Peel, Montréal | 514 288-3090

BOOK YOUR VIP PLACE with your friends on the Peel Paddock Terrace (Between Ste-Catherine and Maisonneuve). Different packages tables + bottles available. We invite you to live an incredible experience during the 4 days of the Grand Prix de Montréal

☎   Reservations 514 867-2350
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